Air Permitting 

Oil and gas production facilities are regulated by State and Federal (EPA) agencies. Most states operate in conjunction with the EPA to monitor and enforce environmental regulations.

Any owner/operator who plans to construct a new facility that will emit or modify any existing facility that emits air contaminants may be required to obtain an air permit. Let COMM handle all your Air Permitting requirements.

COMM Advantages:

  • Determine if your facilities need air permits from a quick electronic review or an onsite inspection.
  • Experienced in running air emission calculations for major and minor source air permitting.
  • Fully capable of running site-specific process simulations to get actual flash emissions.
  • If air emissions exceed a requested threshold, COMM can correctly suggest and size emission reduction technologies to stay under that threshold.
  • Flat rate cost per facility. No extra cost for communication between COMM and the regulatory agency.

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