Having Trouble Complying with Environmental Regulations?

Environmental compliance problems don't happen overnight. The more you ignore these problems, the more they grow in size and complexity. And the bigger they are, the more they'll cost you.

Do you need help meeting environmental goals?

Do you feel like the environmental regulations are written in a way that’s too complicated to fully grasp? Have you had difficulties complying with these regulations with
complete certainty? The solutions COMM offers will not only help you comply with current regulations but also look ahead to achieving your company's environmental goals.

Trying to bring your environmental compliance to a higher level?

Reducing environmental liabilities. Maximizing facility efficiency. Finding new ways to lessen production costs and increase profitability. These are all problems companies come across on a daily basis. COMM Engineering provides clients with a complete emissions management solution, which brings your facility emission assessment, recovery, and management to a completely different level.

Looking for safe and reliable EPA approved combustors?

Are you looking for combustors that are already listed on the EPA’s list of control devices that meet the manufacturer’s performance test requirements for OOOO/OOOOa compliance? Then, you’ll be happy to find out that COMM Engineering offers a full line of high-performance combustors for your emission control needs. Our combustors are operating in all major US markets, blowing the competitors out of the water.

Want a cost effective vapor recovery solution without all the maintenance?

Are you tired of getting hit with maintenance bills to keep your Vapor Recovery Units running? Would you rather a non-mechanical Vapor Recovery solution with no rotating equipment to maintain? Our patented EVRU™ system is a simple and effective Vapor Recovery Solution designed to relive operators of the re-occurring downtime and maintenance expenses associated with traditional Vapor Recovery Units.

Seeking ways to eliminate risk and better protect your operations?

Environmental violations are not fun for anyone and can become huge problems for operators that can affect not only your bottom line, but your company’s community relationships as well. COMM Engineering takes great pride in protecting our clients from environmental violations and allowing our clients to operate their assets with confidence and peace of mind. Our COMMplete Shield approach gives operators a second set of eyes to help identify and eliminate the risks of being in violation of your state and federal regulations. Let COMM be your shield and steer you into environmental certainty.