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Environmentally Focused Facility and Process Engineering Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Just when you think you’ve got your facilities caught up with environmental regulations, a new rule or regulation gets passed and you find yourself scrambling to figure out which facilities it applies to and what are the next steps you need to take to ensure your existing and new facilities are operating in accordance with their applicable regulations.

Compliance guidelines and technology in the oil and gas industry change so rapidly, it seems impossible to stay on top of them all.

That’s where we come in. We lift that burden completely off your shoulders.

When it comes to emission controls and compliance, we help you reduce environmental liabilities, maximize operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, and manage costs before problems occur. 

We start with an evaluation of your facility operations, identifying specific points where facilities and process updates can be made to minimize emissions and improve efficiency.

With our full suite of innovative engineering and environmental services, we deliver the technical, regulatory, and operating expertise you need to help you achieve and maintain your compliance goals.

Trying to upgrade your facilities and remain in compliance with EPA and state regulations can create delays and chaos if you’re not prepared.

COMM Engineering specializes in taking the chaos out of compliance. 

From consulting and conceptual design to troubleshooting with lease operators in the field, we provide a unique, full-service approach that includes assessment, reduction, and management of facility emissions.

Our team of engineering professionals can take a load off your back by providing you with highly specialized experts in these areas:

Facilities and Process Engineering

Quantifying Stock Tank Emissions

Flares vs Enclosed Combustors

Non-Mechanical Vapor Recovery Units (EVRU ™)

Closed Vent System Analysis

Emission Control Device Sizing and Performance Analysis

OOOOa Approved Enclosed Combustion Devices

Vapor Recovery Towers

Learn how COMM takes the chaos out of compliance

Ready to learn more about how COMM can solve your compliance challenges? Contact us today!