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Imagine a vapor recovery system that could reduce your emissions, recover valuable resources, and keep your facility in compliance – all with zero maintenance required.

Our patented EVRU™ technology is a vapor recovery superhero, delivering all the benefits of traditional vapor recovery without the seemingly never-ending maintenance costs.

How is this possible? The EVRU™ consists of no rotating equipment that must be maintained or eventually replaced. Instead, it uses non-mechanical venturi jet ejectors to recover and compress emissions.

Inside the closed-loop system, an existing higher-pressure motive gas stream is utilized to entrain emissions from a lower-pressure gas stream and compress these emissions up to a more useable pressure. The combined discharge gas stream exits at an intermediate pressure that can be carried away through the facility’s existing process system.

The result is that you can now recover a wider range of hydrocarbons without the worry and hassle of maintaining an additional piece of rotating equipment. The EVRU™ also reduces emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds, helping you meet federal and state regulations and improve the operating efficiency of your facility by maximizing the run time of your emission control devices.

Talk to one of our experienced engineers today about how the EVRU™ can recover hydrocarbons, reduce emissions, and keep you compliant as part of your overall compliance strategy.

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