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Save Time and Eliminate Unnecessary Emission Costs 

At COMM, we stop compliance violations in their tracks. We’ll help you design an environmental compliance strategy that protects you from lost profits, eliminates violation risks, and promotes environmental responsibility.

Stay Ahead of Environmental Compliance With Comprehensive Solutions

From expert knowledge, custom in-house systems, and services, we offer everything you need to stay ahead of environmental compliance problems. We pride ourselves in molding our environmental solutions to effortlessly align with our client's needs and making it COMM's responsibility to inform you of industry regulations and change. Our team of Engineers will develop a relationship and compliance strategy that will give your company environmental peace of mind for years to come.

As your partner in environmental compliance, we offer the following solutions and more:

We are your one-stop shop for:

Phase I and II Environmental Assessments

OOOOa Requirements

Tier II Reporting

Engine Testing

ESG Consulting

Air Permitting

Emission Reduction Cost Analysis/Strategic Planning

GHG Monitoring and Reporting

SPCC Plans

State Level Emission Inventory Reporting

H2S Surveys and Testing

NORM Surveys

Oil and Produced Water Remediation

Learn how COMM takes the chaos out of compliance

Ready to learn more about how COMM can solve your compliance challenges? Contact us today!