End-to-End Compliance Protection Guaranteed

Constant changes to EPA regulations and enforcement, evolving technology, and changes to facilities that require updated processes can leave your team scrambling to cover all your bases.

But you shouldn’t have to put your business at risk in order to stay on top of state and federal regulations. That’s why we developed COMMpleteShield.

COMMplete Shield acts as your second set of eyes, protecting you from the pitfalls of environmental management, documentation, permits, reporting, and more. Our environmental gurus simplify the compliance puzzle and clarify your regulatory uncertainty.

We provide the knowledge, manpower, and field expertise you need to meet compliance requirements, mitigate risk, assess facilities, and protect your operations so you never have to worry about compliance issues again. 

How COMMplete Shield Simplifies the Compliance Puzzle

From change of ownership documentation to the traumatic shut in and everything in between, COMM’s services are designed to shield you against every compliance liability and environmental pitfall you encounter in today’s market.

Our team of experienced engineers will develop a comprehensive compliance strategy that includes compliance applicability, emission quantification/measurement, control technologies, closed vent system design, and much more.

We stay on top of regulatory compliance laws that are coming into play so you can get process and equipment upgrades in place before you're slapped with a violation.

COMMplete Shield lifts the compliance burden completely off your shoulders by providing compliance and consulting services in these areas:

Environmental Solutions

  • Air Permitting
  • GHG Calculations and Reporting
  • OOOOa Applicability and Reporting
  • SPCC Plans
  • Tier II Reporting
  • State Level Emission Inventory Reporting
  • Emission Reduction Cost Analysis/Strategic Planning
  • Engine Testing
  • FLIR/Optical Gas Imaging
  • Phase I and II Environmental Assessments
  • Oil and Produced Water Remediation
  • ESG Consulting
  • H2S Surveys and Testing
  • Oil and Gas Sampling
  • Discharge Water Reporting
  • NORM Surveys
  • Pre-Drilling Environmental Investigation
  • OCS AQS Reporting

Emission Control Solutions

  • Closed Vent System Analysis
  • OOOOa Enclosed Combustors
  • Non-Mechanical Vapor Recovery Units
  • Vapor Recovery Towers

COMMplete shield is your ultimate protection against the pitfalls and uncertainties of regulatory compliance. No matter what your compliance challenges may be, COMM has you covered.   

Learn how COMM takes the chaos out of compliance

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