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Identifying the right tool for the right application can be a major headache that many of today’s operators face when trying to select emission control devices that will keep them in compliance with federal and state emission control requirements.

While most operators are confident in their tried and true methods of selecting the more traditional 

equipment (gathering lines, separators, and stock tanks) for their oil and gas production facilities, there has been a steady wave of new federal and state emission control requirements applied to the oil and gas industry that has left many operators in its wake.

COMM fully understands the importance of using the right tool for the right application, especially when it comes to using Closed Vent Systems to handle your facility emissions. There is not much that is more frustrating than purchasing emission control equipment only to find out after it’s been installed that you still have uncontrolled emissions and your facility is still not in compliance. 

Luckily, there is no need to just keep guessing at what it will take to get your emissions controlled and be in compliance, we have the solutions for you! We are not in the business of providing equipment, we are only interested in providing solutions.

COMM’s emission experts can properly size your Closed Vent System all the way from the emission source to the control device. If all you need is a sip of water to quench your thirst, there is no need to try to take that sip from a fire hose when a simple cup of water will do!

When controlling your emissions feels like you are trying to hit a moving target, COMM is here to steady the target and help you hit the bullseye!

Operator Pains:

Purchase and install Emission Control Equipment and facility is still not in compliance as emissions are still escaping to the environment.

Not knowing what size equipment is even needed to properly reduce emissions. Don’t just buy what someone is willing to sell you…only buy what will solve the problem!

COMM's Proven Solutions:

Quantifying emissions so properly sized equipment can be selected.

Properly sizing new Closed Vent Systems.

Identifying issues within existing Closed Vent Systems.

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