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COMM offers a full line of high-performance Enclosed Combustors for a wide range of emission control applications. Each COMM combustor model meets the EPA’s OOOO/OOOOa manufacturer’s performance test requirements and is listed on their website accordingly.

COMM has supported operators from day one since the EPA’s introduction of their OOOO/OOOOa regulations and continues to provide operators with clarity and peace of mind by supplying industry leading and cost-effective Emission Control Devices: COMM Combustors.

Operator Pains:

Purchase and install another manufacturer’s Combustor and facility is still not in compliance either because the emissions are still present (wrong size Combustor) or the Combustor doesn’t stay running (bad equipment).

Traditional flares and Mechanical VRUs can shutdown frequently when used as Emission Control Devices to handle the combination of cyclical flows and high BTU gas streams from Stock Tanks.

Traditional flares produce highly visible flames and smoke plumes that can be seen for miles and attract unwanted attention to operators’ facilities.

Other Combustor manufacturers mislead operators by falsely advertising their Combustors flow capacities well beyond the actual capacities that the operators will see once installed on location. (Actual field studies showed the actual flow capacities of other combustors to be below 40% of their advertised flow capacities!)

Other combustor manufacturers also mislead operators by claiming to provide OOOOa compliant combustors when they are not even listed on the EPA’s list of OOOOa compliant units!

Other Combustors do not include the same standard safety features of COMM Combustors which puts the operators at risk of being exposed to extremely high temperatures and flames while the units are operating!

COMM Combustor Advantages:

Engineered to be Emission Control Devices that keep operators in compliance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rugged design and fabricated to stand the test of time.

Simple installation and start up process to get operators in compliance faster.

COMM Combustors provide a fully enclosed combustion chamber that allows the units to operate with no visible flames.

COMM Combustors are fully insulated to both achieve higher destruction efficiencies and to also protect operators from the high stack temperatures generated during the combustion process.

Complimentary Facility Engineering support included with each combustor purchase to ensure your Combustor will be integrated seamlessly into your facility and that your emissions will be taken care of, for good.

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