Non-Mechanical Vapor Recovery

As a more reliable solution for vapor recovery, COMM developed and patented the EVRU™ technology that uses non-mechanical venturi jet ejectors to compress natural gas. The EVRU™ recovers vent or flare gas using a high-pressure motive gas to entrain hydrocarbons from low-pressure systems such as crude oil storage tanks. The combined discharge gas stream exits at an intermediate pressure and can be injected into the suction of a compressor or into the process system (e.g., fuel gas, low pressure separator).

The EVRU™ is a closed loop system designed to boost and recover natural gas as a usable and profitable product. as an added benefit, it reduces the emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCS) that are contained in natural gas. The EVRU™ replaces traditional mechanical vapor recovery units and requires virtually no maintenance with no moving parts.

Vapor Recovery with no rotating equipment!

Oil and water storage tanks produce large amounts of flash gas vapors, which can be a challenge to control with the use of traditional mechanical vapor recovery units and flares due to the high btu content and cyclical nature of stock tank flash vapors. Numerous oil and gas producers are taking advantages of installing non-mechanical vapor recovery units, because of their ability to respond quickly to the cyclical flow and easily handle the wet and high btu content of stock tank flash vapors which greatly reduces stock tank emissions.

All the benefits of installing a non-mechanical vapor recovery unit are not limited to stock tank flash gas recovery applications. Our patented EVRU systems also easily handle flash gas emissions from liquid knockout vessels, low pressure separators, BTEX waste streams and more!