COMMplete Shield

Protect your operations with the ultimate in COMMplete Compliance Certainty, a second set of eyes, COMM has you covered.

What is COMMplete Shield? Our COMMplete solution shields our clients with compliance certainty. Let COMM assess your facilities, prioritize liabilities, and guarantee your compliance.

From trivial change of ownership documentation to the traumatic shut in and everything in between, COMM’s plans are designed to meet every environmental liability need encountered by operators in today’s market. Simply choose which services meet your needs.

Our environmental gurus simplify the compliance puzzle, clarifying your regulatory uncertainty.

Air, Water, Waste, permit to spill plan, let COMM steer you into environmental certainty.


  • Air Permit Applicability Determination
  • Minor Source Air Permit Prep
  • Major Source Air Permit Prep
  • GHG Applicability Determination
  • GHG Monitoring/ Tracking/ Reporting
  • Annual COMMtracker™ Licensing
  • Gas & Oil Sampling
  • Extended Gas Analysis & Reports
  • Drilling Permit
  • Extended Oil Analysis & Reports
  • Tier II Reporting
  • Quad OOOO Applicability/ Reporting
  • Initial Compliance Inspection & Engineering Reports
  • Engine Stack Testing


  • Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasure Plan
  • Commercial Saltwater Disposal SPCC
  • Drilling/Workover Rig SPCC Plan
  • Tank Truck SPCC Plan
  • Annual Inspection Reports
  • Full Phase-1 Environmental Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Assessment
  • Water Permitting/Reporting – DMR’s


  • NORM Survey
  • Waste Management Plan