Facility & Process Engineering

With over 25 years of oil & gas process and facility engineering expertise, COMM is an integrated service provider of energy recovery systems, energy use optimization solutions, and advanced environmental management systems. COMM utilizes a holistic approach to serve its oil and gas customers. This approach provides customers with a complete solution that differentiates COMM in the marketplace as a provider with technical, regulatory and operating expertise.

COMM’s unique, full-service approach is centered around complete project management including assessment, recovery and management of facility emissions. We provide a broad suite of innovative engineering and environmental services in order to reduce environmental liabilities, maximize operational efficiencies, increase profitability and lower costs for our customers.

COMM started as a facility engineering company and engineering remains the strong hold, the successful key, and the firm foundation from which our success has grown.

Engineering Services

  • Engineering Consulting and Project Management
  • Conceptual Facility Design
  • Process Equipment design including separation, compression, dehydration,
    sweetening, refrigeration
  • Process safety, environmental, hazardous analysis and risk management for PSM,
    SEMP and PHA
  • Bid package preparation and equipment specifications
  • Troubleshooting by providing engineering support and field technicians
  • System analysis including field optimization, energy conservation, and waste minimization
  • Manufacturing, including complete line of process equipment: pressured vessels,
    production skids, heaters, boilers, manifold systems, pump units, compressor
    packages, fuel skids, and meter skids
  • Pollution controls for water media include: vapor recovery (EVRU™) systems,
    catalytic converters, flares, low bleed pressure and level controllers, fuel efficiency
    equipment and waste water treatment