Production Accelerator

Production boosting using gas from high pressure (hp) wells

Given a suitable hp well is available, the pressure energy that is normally wasted across a choke can be used to drive and ejector.

The Production accelrator is used in many applications to reduce the back pressure on low pressure (LP) wells, imposed by the downstream pipeline and process equipment. This reduces the flowing wellhead pressure, improving the flow regime within the well bore, stabilizing and increasing production based on the productivity (PI) of the LP wells.

Liquid Phase Production

Production Accelerator technology, offers simple solutions to boost the pressure of the liquid phase, without the need for conventional powered booster pump.

Gas Phase

Boosting the pressure of low-pressure gas, to a higher pressure to meet process requirements, or to produce at a lower back pressure, can be achieved cost effectively without the need for expensive compressors.

Low Pressure Well Boosting


Intermediate Pressure Boosting

Production Accelerator FAQ

What is COMM’s Production Accelerator?

It is an ejector used to pull on a Low Pressure well when the Low Pressure well drops below the sales line pressure and therefore gets shut in.