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flare gas recovery

is your company wanting to reduce greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions? is your company ready to turn these emissions into a positive income stream?

comm is the global leader in ghg reduction, flare gas recovery and conversion technologies.  here are the seven pieces of the puzzle that we have in our toolbox. these are the reasons that comm should be your ghg service partner. as an alternative to purchasing equipment, comm can provide the capital and resources to get the job done quickly.

comm engineering’s vent and flare gas recovery program increases production and maximizes recovery of product losses.  through the joint venture agreement comm can provide the manpower and equipment.  this allows a company to focus on production and people to be more efficient. avoid shut-ins!


recovering flare gas means increased profits while lowering cost. a vent and flare gas recovery program minimizes the potential for penalties. maximizing flare gas recovery increases shareholder return and confidence.

comm’s ghg reduction program reduces environmental liability while promoting a greener planet. our program lowers ghg emissions generating valuable carbon credits. comm’s program satisfies requirements of the epa gas star program.  reducing emissions is an integral part of any company’s climate change strategy.

health & safety
comm’s program reduces health and safety liability by reducing toxic flare gas emissions and improves the overall safety of the site and surrounding community.

comm’s program reduces potential for penalties, legal fees and litigation and reduces exposure from noncompliance. it also reduces legal exposure for responsible corporate officials.

comm has the proven experience and technology to maximize recovery of flare gas and increase the efficiency of operations.

comm’s program has an immediate impact by increasing profits for all owners.  the program provides a fresh and easy method for partner approval.


it’s simple. our flare gas recovery program is the easiest way to increase production, decrease costs and decrease environmental impacts, all at the same time.   contact comm now to learn more. 

click here for details on mms ntl no. 2006-n06 - flaring & venting ntl 12/06



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