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greenhouse gas software

  commtracker™ environmental management system

commtracker™ is an easy to use, web-based system which tracks, monitors and reports gas emissions and other information required by air and water permits, ensuring you stay in compliance with the epa's clean air act. this greenhouse gas reporting software standardizes your environmental management into one simple solution that gives you certainty you're meeting environmental compliance.  the commtracker™ environmental management system is offered as a ghg management service on a per facility basis, per module.

commtracker™ uses a simple online form to input data for tracking and monitoring ghg emissions data from any location in the world with web access. the minimal training for data input is provided by comm engineering.

greenhouse gas reporting

commtracker™ ghg reporting software can store, track and report greenhouse gas baseline emissions and also monitor and report overall carbon emission reductions, making it an essential component of any successful climate change strategy.

water module (view water flyer)

this easy to use, online module standardizes your water permit program and puts you in control.  facilities operating in onshore or offshore waters use the commtracker™ ems service for tracking and preparation of discharge monitoring reports (dmrs). 

clients have easy online access to dmr data, permits, dmr reports, nois, nots, transfer agreements, exceedence reports, water permit manual and any necessary correspondence. 

air module

the commtracker™ air module service is indispensable for complying with air permits for oil and gas facilities. it also has a module to track and report data required by the minerals management services’ (mms) gulf-wide offshore activity data system (goads).


more commtracker™ features

mandatory greenhouse gas reporting

the environmental protection agency (epa) now mandates federal requirements for reporting and monitoring greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions under the clean air act. the threshold for for required the ghg reporting program is 25,000 metric tons of co2 emissions per year, which may fluctuate for different sectors, which have separate thresholds based on capacity.

this rule requires annual carbon emissions reports for various greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (co2), methane (ch4), hydrofluorocarbons (hfc's), nitrous oxide (n2o), sulfur hexafluoride (sf6), and other fluorinated greenhouse gases.





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